Try Something New - Shaun Moseley


Quirky, up-beat orchestral track with playful pizzicato strings, tonal percussion, piano and organ. 

Big Steps - Shaun Moseley

Lighthearted orchestral piece with driving strings, woodwind and light percussion. 

Simple Things - Shaun Moseley

A fun, playful orchestral track with light tuned percussion, woodwinds, pizzicato strings. Perfect for underscoring childrens tv, documentaries and adverts.

The Right Way - Shaun Moseley

Charming and upbeat orchestral track with fun strings, woodwinds and light percussion.

Distant Dreams - Shaun Moseley

A driving, feel-good synthwave track with nostalgic 80's vibes, rhythmic synth bass and punchy percussion.

All the Way - Shaun Moseley

A foot to the floor, retro feel electro pop track with driving bass and percussion and arpegiatted synths.